Cartographies of Desire

Domestic and maternal practices of protection through the creation of knitted garments are critically explored in this work. Instead of knitting a garment to a design that alters and stylises the body, the body topology is mapped. The gridded graph emerging from this body mapping translates the mark to a material action: stitches, increases and decreases which turn wool / yarn into a mapped body surface.

The knitted pieces take on the appearance of biological specimens, and they also resemble the experimental technologies involved in skin grafting. The use of an ancient practice of knitting with wool presents a provocative counterpoint between traditional and emergent technologies that protect us.


5/2012. Invited solo exhibition. Cartographies of Desire: Knitting as theorising on productive forces in education. Multiple Literacies Research Unit, University of Ottawa, Canada. May-June 2012.


Knight, L. (2013). Knitted images: Corporeal theorising / Specimens / Interception / Drawing patterns / Cartographies / Affective literacies. In D. Masny (Ed.) Cartographies of becoming in education: A Deleuze-Guattari perspective. Rotterdam: Sense