Drawing as temporal pauses

Drawings contain different types of marks, shapes, and effects made by different materials, on different surfaces. Drawings differ because the occurrence, the events and conditions: the moment in time each a drawing is begun, is different, unrepeatable, not replicable. Drawings are the result of different impulses that are never the same. No two drawings emerge from the exact same circumstances. If the circumstances shift then what can be produced shifts also.

There are a multitude of objects, sensations, emotions, people, creatures that surround a drawing. Although the drawer makes the marks they are only ever a part of everything: the tools, materials, seat, drawing board, atmosphere, other people, sounds. What might be drawn is undetermined until the point of the action, the moment the drawing begins. Thoughts, marks, movements are all contingent upon the conditions of the event.

Drawings need to be thought about as momentary pauses, as a partial recording of the chaotic collections of things that are taking place at that moment. Drawings are made based on impromptu decisions; they present a micro-view of a momentary pause in time.

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