Interface Jammers: Expression of Interest

Are you interested in participating in the Interface Jammers project? Do you have an idea for an interface jamming experiment in your neighbourhood? If you are a family with children aged between 3 – 10 years old you can create your own interface jamming artistic work! Adults support their children’s ideas for interface jamming, and use readily available materials and equipment from home, and with interfaces in the local area.

The activity should last no longer than 2 hours. It should be designed by your children, with your support. You can participate too.

What is possible?

Please read through the project home page for more information on what interface jamming is. Think about some ways that you and your family can jam interfaces in your local area. Some example interfaces that you can use differently include:

  • automatic ticket gates
  • automatic doors
  • transport buttons
  • sound-based machines
  • playground equipment
  • smartscreen displays
  • pets
  • plant and vegetal areas
  • waterways
  • didactics and other signs
  • fences and gates
  • birds
  • ….and there are many more

An example:

Your children have chosen some automatic doors as their interface. The automatic doors open by way of a sensor that scans people as they stand in front of the doors. The children decide that they will try to open the doors by other means and not use the sensors. They try to open the doors by creeping along the wall and doors, they also stand out of range of the sensor and call out “doors open”. The children try shadowing other people and walk closely behind them as they go through the doors. They also experiment with the senor and see if other non-human items such as placing a suitcase in its range opens the door.

As you enact the interface jamming that your children have designed, you will take photographs and short videos and send these to Linda Knight.

Steps to participate

  1. Read through the project information and decide with your children if you want to participate.
  2. Submit an EOI via the link below
  3. Once you have received a response from Linda, download and read the participant information form on the ethics page
  4. Have your children watch the participant information video. Once your children have watched it, please confirm with them verbally that they have understood the video contents
  5. Contact Linda via email to arrange a time to chat about your ideas
  6. Sign the participant information form and email it to Linda. Linda will also sign the form and store it securely
  7. Complete your interface jamming response, and record the final response via photographs and videos. There is no need to record the preparation or rehearsals, just the final work. Send these to Linda via the instructions she provides
  8. You are welcome to share images and videos of your interface jamming on social media. It will help to promote the project if you use the tags @urban_interfaces #urbaninterfaces #interfacejamming in your posts, thank you!

Ethics and permissions

It is important for you and your children to give ethical permission to participate, and to understand how Linda will store and use the photographs and videos you submit. You and your child/ren also have rights as participants. Please visit the project ethics page and follow the steps for giving your permission to participate.

Expression of Interest

This Expression of Interest (EOI) document will help you generate some ideas:

Please submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) via the following form:

Interface Jammers EOI form

Any questions? Please contact: