Linda Knight  is an Associate Professor at RMIT University, Australia. Linda specialises in early childhood, creative practice, and digital media.

Linda has an international profile in critical arts methodologies and practices. Linda conducts speculative research to explore social and education futures in the urban context.

Most notably, Linda has developed the ‘Inefficient Mapping’ methodology. Inefficient mapping uses drawing practices to activate speculative, immanent, and critical theories and ideas.

Linda’s current application of inefficient mapping focuses on human/non-human/inhuman urban living, urban education, and urban play. The inefficient mapping visualises investigations and speculations on urban citizenships and the ethics of urban planning and design.

Linda is a co-founding member of Guerrilla Knowledge Unit, a transdisciplinary education plug-in that critically explores the conventions of Artificial Intelligence, coding, and algorithmic diversity to develop curated installations that enable young children to experiment with emergent technologies, AI, and coding.

The Guerrilla Knowledge Unit

Linda is also a co-founding member of #FEAS Feminist Educators Against Sexism, an arts activist collective that uses irreverence, comedy and arts interventions to challenge and call out sexism in academia.


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