Linda is in the School of Early Childhood at Queensland University of Technology. Social activism underpins Linda’s work on pedagogic sites, community education, and feminist investigations of the academy. Linda creates art as a social practice to explore affect, movement and power and the ways that art, philosophy, and theory help establish critical, pedagogic, and methodologic practices. Linda has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK and her work is held in private collections globally.

Current work uses feminist, and new materialist perspectives to experiment with conventionalised thinking, this is informing three particular projects: the ethics of urban (play)spaces and early childhood education counter-logics; inefficient mapping and rethinking infographics; and creating art interventions to publicly disseminate on sexism in the academy by performance-bombing conference audiences.

A full record of Linda’s publications and projects is listed on

And on QUT eprints:,_Linda.html

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  1. It would be great, if this is making people think about others, less fortunate with real passion and understanding. Adding humanity to our society with this project would be wonderful. It feels that technology makes standing aside even easier! May be this way we can reconnect with our souls and feelings for others and will be inspired to help refugees with open hearts.


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