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Cloaking Quilting Reckoning: We Stole Wages

Deleuzian Dolls

The Walking Playground

Power Dressing

Cartographies of Desire

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Social practice projects

Interface Jammers: Feeling like a child in the city

What does it feel like to be a child in the city?

Interface Jammers promotes the civic agency of children, families, and the community as active urban citizens. It asks: how might young children utilise and respond to their rich urban environment and develop their civics and citizenship?

To collaborate and participate – please visit Interface Jammers project page to find out more.

The Posthuman Census: A citizen cartography project

How big is the population of a posthuman city?

This is a citizen cartography project for anyone across the world

Download the blank map from this website and take a posthuman census in your local area by inefficiently mapping the shadows of different more-then-human citizens.

Visit the project page for instructions and map.