Designing the Pluriversity

Designing the Pluriversity is a project inspired by Arturo Escobar’s Designs for the Pluriverse which presents an anti-capitalist and activist view that reorients design toward the radical interdependence of all life.

Stacey Moran, Cala Coats, and Mirka Koro devised “Designing the Pluriversity” to emphasise participatory, collaborative, situated, and socially responsible design that responds to the various crises (racism, sexism, neoliberalism, Eurocentrism) brought about by hegemonic western university.

I was invited to submit a provocation that encourages critical thinking about being-in the pandemic, and how that is both a situation and a situating. I ask that you consider the politics of being-in a pandemic and that you inefficiently map this situating/situation to create a cosmopolitical rendering of the pandemic.

The provocations are open to anyone via the link:

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