Posthuman urban citizenships

Our conceptions of cities, towns and urban sites transform into something quite monstrous thanks to the massively expanded visions that nanotechnologies offer. Along with the familiar urban detritus we produce on a mass scale, and human existencies of poverty and disadvantage in cities, we now also see bio-organism monstrosities, chemical atmospheres and the viruses that permeate our bodies, foods and belongings. Our expanded urban ‘vision’ is now more than sociological and is SF and Chthulic (Haraway, 2016).

I work with concepts of posthumanism, new materialism and feminist theories of matter because I am curious about how urban lives and spaces are changing due to political, environmental, technological, and social shifts in the Anthropocene epoch. I bring arts practices and theory together through critical creative praxis to generate speculative research that specifically investigates future cities and the strange, chimeric, biospeculative urban citizens that populate cities now and in the future. Through mapping and drawing techniques I explore how humans, insects, weather, animals, refuse, bio matters are our strange contemporary urban citizens that will morph into the dominant urban citizens of the future.

My drawing strategies are a geontologic practice for theorizing on citizenships in the Anthropocene, the ethics of place and land.

My practice is concerned with troubling the hierarchies and privileges that underpin urban design, and the precarious, monstrous future cities that are emerging all around us.

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