Inefficiently mapping boundaries: How is an urban citizen?

The How is an Urban Citizen? project maps shadows and movement of urban detritus including rubbish bins, litter, building materials, food scraps, trash, animals, oils, cigarettes, and commercial waste. Mapping the shadows and movements of diverse citizens counters the attention of colonial cartographies that omit/erase what does not bear relevance to capitalist extractive interests.

Posthuman theories remain foregrounded as the maps are created, that, through their subject matter and markings, critique the impacts of a mainstream politics and culture on conceptions of rights, belongings, nationhood, and asserting who/what/how are posthuman citizenships.

A more detailed description of the project was included in Mapping Meaning, the Journal. Issue 4, Summer 2020. The journal can be read online here:

This short animation illustrates the layering process of some of the mappings